Fert O Lawn

Fert O Lawn is an environmental revolution in lawn fertiliser technology! Once you have used Fert O Lawn, you’ll never want to use an ordinary lawn fertiliser again.

Contains up to 60 natural minerals plus up to 24 beneficial species of microbes and fungi.

Consider the benefits of Fert O Lawn:

  • Dramatically improved drought resistance due to improved root development.
  • Vastly Increased earthworm activity means better drainage and aeration of the lawn.
  • One application lasts 3-4 months.
  • There is no quick fast flush of growth with this product. You will see a gentle even green colour over an extended period of time.
  • Weak patches improve dramatically and often fully cover.
  • Beneficial microbes can even seek out turf soil diseases like Pithium and attack them. Full recovery is often achieved.
  • Lawns become thicker and more luxuriant in appearance.
  • Excellent green colour.
  • Thatch is reduced considerably by the microbial activity in Troforte M – 140-180 grams/Square Metre.

Packing and coverage:

Fert O Lawn is packed in a heavy duty 3.5kg & 10kg bucket. For larger jobs, 20kg bags are also available.

One 10kg bucket is usually enough for the average home lawns.

Initial Application Rate:

70 grams per m2. Follow up applications can vary between 50-70 grams per m2 depending on the condition of the lawn.

Gardening tips:

1. If your lawn has weak patches, feed the lawn with Fert O lawn then go back and give any weak patches an extra dose. You’ll be amazed how well the weak patches can recover.

2. Fert O Lawn should be watered in within 30 minutes of application. The microbes need moisture to activate.

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