Very good fertiliser.

John Robinson (Nightlciff)

New growth in 3 days, much brighter flowers. Makes the garden lush, even in the dry season.

Sue Bleakley (Fannie Bay NT.)

Noticed plants, flowers &shrubs and fruit plants looked much healthier, greener and generally better looking since applying Troforte.

Eddie Lai (Fannie Bay NT.)

I have a Japanese garden that I am very proud of so when a friend recommended Troforte® General purpose, I was quite hesitant to use it. I tried it on 2 small plants and they absolutely loved it! I now use Troforte throughout my garden and my exotic plants are so happy! If they were any happier they would probably sing to me!! I would highly recommend anyone who loves their garden to try this fertiliser! I will never use anything else again!

KP (Ashby, WA)

I was getting sick of applying fertiliser to my lawn & garden beds every 4-6 weeks and none of the stuff you buy in the large garden stores lasts long. I was put onto Troforte Fert-O-Lawn by a friend and now I apply this amazing product just 3 times a year. The results have been nothing short of fantastic! I now have the best garden in my street and cannot see myself ever using anything else. And it is a big bonus knowing that my fertiliser is all used by my lawn and plants and not contributing to polluting our waterways.

M.G. (Madely, WA)