I have been mowing commercially for the past 20 years and I am always looking for a competitive edge over my competitors. Over the years I have noticed that most of the traditional type of fertilizers (mostly comprised of N.P.K), only result in a flush of growth for the first 4-6 weeks making my work harder to remove a lot more clippings.

I have started using Troforte Fert-O-Lawn as part of a more holistic approach to lawn management. Troforte Fert-o-Lawn which along with N.P.K has a base of over 60 minerals and over 24 strains of microbes that all work together to build a healthier soil as well as a thick healthy green lawn without the surge of growth associated with traditional fertilizers. The added microbes also help to break down the thatch build up and releases the components back into the soil further improving it. I apply fert-o-lawn in Summer and autumn and noticed a better result after the second application, which leads me to believe that this product needs time to build up in the soil.

Lee Fuller (Raby Bay Prestige Lawn & Garden Care)

I have been using Troforte M® General Purpose, commercially on my projects and at home, since August 2011 and highly recommend it. I am achieving the best results that I have ever seen from a fertilizer so far. I am a fussy customer and am very happy with the product and now wouldn’t use anything else.

Brenden Barker (Absolute Garden FX Pty Ltd)