Troforte Cropping

For the broad acre farming business manager and your consultant, Troforte® Cropping is paving the way to economically sustainable agriculture through enhanced Soil Health, Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE), Water Use Efficiency (WUE), Natural Capital and increased crop gross Margin.

The Troforte® Cropping System—

A balance of:
I). "Slow/Controlled Release" bio-fertilizer; and
II). a combination of specific beneficial soil microbes.

Troforte® Bio-fertilizer technologies and Beneficial Microbial inoculum offers a unique opportunity of effectively controlling the release of nutrients and stimulating soil health.

Ask us how we can help you to grow your farming enterprise using Troforte® Farming.

For more information, please contact Langley Fertilizers or your Troforte® farm consultant.

For technical support, contact consultant microbiologist Paul Storer (Mob 0456 716 061).