Q. Does this fertiliser have any smell?

A. Troforte® M has a very, very, slight "earthy" smell. It is very mild and is not discernable when used on your garden or patio plants. It is not smelly like some organic products as it does not contain animal by products.

Q. Is it Pet safe?

A. Troforte® M fertilisers contain natural rock minerals and have no adverse effect on pets should they accidentally ingest it. But it does not smell and therefore is not attractive to pets. However due to the incorporation of slow release fertilisers avoid placing it in exposed heaps on the surface. It’s river and reef safe too!

Q. How long can I store it?

A. Troforte® M has an exceptional shelf life of 12 months after opening the container as long as it is stored in a dry, air-tight container. It should not be exposed to moisture before application.

Q. It looks like the commercial granule in 20kg bags is different in appearance to the 10kg home garden granule?

A. Yes, the 10kg home garden pack has a different construction to give a bit faster early release and therefore you will see quicker results. Both products have the same analysis.

Q. Will the product really feed a garden for four to six months?

A. Yes, all formulations except the Rejuven8or will last 5-6 months however for the best year round results we recommend 3 applications a year ie one every 4 months and your garden will look amazing all year round.

Q. Is this product organic?

A. Because Troforte® contains an portion of controlled release fertiliser, we do not claim it to be organic. It is very safe for the environment and also river and reef safe. You can read more about this in detail in the data on this product on this website.

Our approach: feed the Microbes, feed the soil, and then feed the plants.

Q. Is this product safe to handle?

A. We recommend you wear gloves when applying any fertiliser or when working in the garden. We provide a scoop in the bucket to measure and control application rates. Any fertiliser should be applied in a well ventilated area. Do not breathe in any dust that may be present and always wash your hands after handling any fertiliser or garden product. Do not place your wet or sweaty hands in the bucket if you intend to store the product. Moisture is the trigger to wake up the microbes.

Q. Where do the beneficial microbes and fungi come from?

A. All the beneficial microbes and fungi in Troforte® M are Australian. Cultured in Australia for Australian soils means that every time you use Troforte® M, you put life into your soils. Your soil is a living structure. Earthworms and Microbes are necessary for a healthy soil. Droughts and the use of chemical fertilisers and fungicides reduce and even kill microbe and earthworm populations. By using Troforte® M, you are putting life back into your soils.

Q. Is this product better than organic fertilisers?

A. There is nothing wrong with using organic fertilisers. But Troforte® M provides a very much better level and delivery of nutrients than can be obtained from organics.

Importantly, Troforte® M is not made from the by-products of animals that have been slaughtered, nor is it made from the waste of animals that have been farmed in constricted environments.

Q. How about conventional and soluble Liquid Fertilisers? How do they Compare?

A. A. Simple and conventional Liquid fertilizers provide a short sharp kick and you would have to feed weekly if using liquids. Besides this, these liquid fertilizers do not contribute in building up your soils, in fact they may cause more harm than good if not applied appropriately. Did you know you can lose up to 80% of these conventional type of liquid fertilisers through leaching? To overcome this problem, Langley’s R&D team have developed an uniquely formulated Troforte® Liquid Plant Food to be used in conjunction with Troforte® M granular fertilisers for amazing results.

Troforte® Liquid Plant Food works when applied to the leaves and soil around the base of the plant by triggering the plant to produce more carbon rich organic food, using energy from sunlight, in the forms of sugars, that the plant transports to its root zone. These sugars are a vital food source for the microbes in the soil (microbes provided by Troforte® granular fertiliser) and in turn these microbes exchange vital nutrients for these sugars and therefore ensuring the plant can take up an optimum amount of balanced nutrients. Once it reaches the soil Troforte® Liquid Plant Food forms an almost invisible gel that fixes to the soil and holds unused nutrients. This nutrient rich gel does not leach into the soil and only releases the nutrients it holds by the microbial degradation. The action of Troforte® Liquid Plant Food on the plant also ensures that the microbe populations in the root zone will flourish. This means better plants, better and more nutrient rich fruit and veggies and healthier, hardier plants overall