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Middle ground with a strong focus on Soil Health

Middle ground with a strong focus on Soil Health

The good news is that, by adopting the middle ground of organic versus conventional farming, biological- Mineral Gardening that incorporates controlled release and slow release of nutrient technologies, the use of toxic chemicals can be eliminated or minimised to a great extent.

Troforte® M can help you in "Gardening with Nature" too.
The Troforte® approach means less chemicals and in turn would mean less pesticides as the science behind Troforte® seeks to manage pests, by inducing complex bio-control processes in plant soil systems.

The easy-to-use Troforte® M garden and lawn products are not hazardous to humans or pets and do not pose any danger by leaching into our lakes, streams and groundwater reserves. In addition to supplying controlled release nutrients to your plants, the suite of beneficial soil microbes and natural "ores" minerals incorporated in Troforte® M assists in restoring natural balances in your soils and thereby reducing pest problems without or with minimal use of chemicals and allows you to safely grow a productive and healthy garden.

The Troforte® M approach is an intermediate approach to organic and conventional farming that allows the use of Biological- Natural Minerals in tandem with efficient and minimal use of synthetic fertilisers in slow or controlled release forms.

Troforte® M Products has a very mild earthy smell and is not discernable when used on your garden or indoor plants. It is not smelly like some organic products as it does not contain animal by-products.

Troforte® M products contain extensively researched and specifically selected beneficial soil microbes that can assists in controlling diseases biologically by maintaining the natural balances within the soil. However, identification and targeted action may be necessary if pest symptoms persist. "Pest" is a broad term that includes harmful insects, weeds, slugs and snails, and plant diseases such as black spots, brown spots, mildew etc.Sometimes simple steps, such as more sunlight or less water can be useful to take care of all the plant’s needs. If necessary, use low risk target specific pesticides as per the recommendation of the manufacturer and avoid using broad spectrum pesticides. Edible crops grown with Troforte® are mineral rich, more nutritionally balanced and have a relatively longer shelf life against conventional methods.