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Its time to change the way we take care of our soils

Its time to change the way we take care of our soils

The impact of chemical fertiliser on key Australian landmarks like the Great Barrier reef and the Swan river, are just two examples of exactly what we have been doing to our country. Maybe there were not good alternatives in the past, but now there are.

  • Mans impact on the environment is a major concern for the health and well being of our planet.
  • Clearly we have to change the way we’ve been doing many things.
  • One of the things we can change is the way we take care of our soils.
  • We way we handle our soils is something we can all take a role in, even at home garden level, and it really does matter.

The Facts

Did you know?

Microbes in Action!

When you apply Troforte® M to your garden or landscape the microbes are asleep in the product, waiting to be activated. The trigger to activate them is moisture. So when you first apply Troforte® M you must water in a soon as possible, within 30minutes of application.

The Microbes will activate and start spreading within 30minutes of contact with moisture.

On going, regular watering is necessary to provide the right environment for the microbes to spread.

Remember, no fertiliser can work unless soil moisture is present.

How long will the dry product store? The Microbes in Troforte® M will store for up to 11 months in the bucket provided moisture is not allowed to enter. So do not scoop the product from the bucket with your bare hands or you may introduce moisture.

It’s best to use the measuring scoop provided or tip some of the product into another container for dispersal by hand.