Soil Microbe Testing


Beneficial soil microbes interact with every nutrient and input in your soil, and have the potential to supply all of your crop’s nutrient requirements. They also contribute to drought and disease resistance, increased organic carbon and water holding capacity; and are involved in other important soil functions.

Poor soil microbiology can seriously disrupt the supply and cycling of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, and limit other important soil processes.

Soil microbes are a key part of the Troforte® Farming System.

It is therefore important to measure the microbes in your soil, so that you can understand and positively manage the beneficial microbiology for increased Soil Health and crop productivity.

For a state of the art advanced analysis of your soil’s microbiological status, we use Microbiology Laboratories Australia.

To minimise uncertainty and maximise returns, we recommend the following "Soil Saver" tests :

Microbe Wise

Microbe Wise measures the biomasses of 12 key groups of microbes important to soil processes. It uses molecular markers unique to each group of microbes to accurately measure what and how many microbes are in your actual soil samples. The measurements are taken directly from the samples you send in. The measurements are used to estimate several soil indicators that show how your soil rates on important soil processes related to soil and crop productivity.

Microbe Activity Wise / Plus

Microbe Activity Wise reports the activity of the microbes in your samples by measuring their CO2 respiration (breathing) rate. This measurement is also used to calculate soil basal respiration (SBR) and soil microbial biomass carbon (SMBC). The Microbe Activity Wise Plus version includes estimates of how much nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are released from dry soil on rewetting, which can be a substantial source of starter nutrition for non-irrigated crops.

For more information, or to organise a microbiology test, please contact Langley Fertilizers or your Troforte® farm consultant.
For technical support, contact consultant microbiologist Paul Storer (Mob 0456 716 061).