I have been using Troforte® M All Purpose, commercially on my projects and at home, since August 2011 and highly recommend it. I am achieving the best results that I have ever seen from a fertiliser so far. I am a fussy customer and am very happy with the product and now wouldn’t use anything else.
Brenden Barker Absolute Garden FX Pty Ltd, QLD
I have been mowing commercially for the past 20 years and I am always looking for a competitive edge over my competitors. Over the years I have noticed that most of the traditional type of fertilisers (mostly comprised of N.P.K.), only result in a _ush of growth for the first 4-6 weeks making my work harder to remove a lot more clippings. I have started using Troforte® M Fert-O-Lawn as part of a more holistic approach to lawn management . Troforte® M Fert-O-Lawn which along with N.P.K. has a base of over 60 minerals and over 24 strains of microbes that all work together to build a healthier soil as well as a thick healthy green lawn without the surge of growth associated with traditional fertilisers. The added microbes also help to break down the thatch build up and releases the components back into the soil further improving it. I apply Fert-O-Lawn in Summer and autumn and noticed a better result after the second application, which leads me to believe that this product needs time to build up in the soil.
Lee Fuller Raby Bay Prestige Lawn & Garden Care, QLD
I was getting sick of applying fertiliser to my lawn & garden beds every 4-6 weeks and none of the stuff you buy in the large garden stores lasts long. I was put onto Troforte® M Fert-O-Lawn by a friend and now I apply this amazing product just 3 times a year. The results have been nothing short of fantastic! I now have the best garden in my street and cannot see myself ever using anything else. And it is a big bonus knowing that my fertiliser is all used by my lawn and plants and not contributing to polluting our waterways.
M.G. Madely, WA
That's it's I'm converted! I will never need or use any other fertiliser! My veggies are going nuts! Even without additional manure! Thanks so much for finally creating a great WA fertiliser that actually works!
Nicolette Willison South Ausralia
Not sure if you remember me but I spoke to you a few months ago about my very sick lemon tree & bayleaf tree that had black spots all over it and dull leaves. I am happy to report that my Lemon Tree is now looking extremely good, have a look at the pictures, just amazing. Also my Bay Leaf Tree is going has new tall growth on it and it too looks so healthy!!! I am over the moon with the growth & health of my Lemon & Bay trees and it is due to your kindness in helping me and that fantastic product Troforte M, I now use it on all my veggies, herbs etc.
Julie South Ausralia
I bought the super feeder as the store ran out of the all-purpose smaller tubs. I cannot tell you what a miracle worker Troforte m is. My plants just grew and look so happy. I have a devil's ivy with only 4 leaves for almost 9 months and after Troforte m super feeder - its produced baby leaves double the amount.
Karen John
Love this product! The only one I will ever use. My fruit trees did not grow at all in 10 years or produce fruit. Now doubled in size & huge fruit in the last 2 years. Best product on the market by far.
Melanie Sotikov vis Facebook
Hi Im not sure if you are the right contact...I hope you are if not would you kindly forward this email to the right person. We (husband and I) just wanted to let you know what fabulous results we have had using troforte. We have been working on a permaculture food forest for 3 yrs now and we have some serious soil for one. When we bought the property there was nothing but shale rocks with a bit of dust. Two we are surrounded by eucalyptus trees, apart from making difficult to grow anything underneath it also provided us a challenge of shade. We had been told that we were fightning a losing battle when it came to fruit trees as we would not get many fruits. And until 1 yr ago we would have agreed. We discussed our issue with our local nursery (Turners Nursery Rochedale) where they suggested we use troforte and to apply every 3 months. We did just that and the results for fruit set this season has been amazing. I have attached some photos (the fruit trees are between 2 and 3yrs old) however they don't do justice to the amount of fruit we have on the trees. Thank you for a wonderful product that works and does not destroy the earth!
Brett and Sabine Hazlett
Troforte is 'garden magic' in a tub. I fully attribute the fact I now have soil instead of sand to using Troforte.
Tracy Lee Pullen via Facebook Best ferilizer I have ever used!
I have been using your TroforteM fertilizers for some time with great results. Prior to application of Troforte I, my heliconias were sparce and stunted. After TroforteM and some generous rain, the change was spectacular.
Sandy Kent
I live in Cabarita beach on the Gold Coast and have suffered with my garden for years with the soil being mainly sand inches under the soil, after years of building the soil i still had very poor growth in all plants in the garden, but just after on application the garden has come alive and fruit trees that have never had successful crops before are bursting with fruit for the first time. And this is all on the All purpose stuff, so i could imagine the results on the specific formula products. Thanks for this great product